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tag: lahey [03 Mar 2014|02:26am]

Name: Kristy

01. Isaac Lahey | TW | [info]laheyed | College AU | Daniel Sharman | LA

ยป How are they different from their canon? Isaac is a few years older (a sophomore in college) and living with Scott in a dorm at UCLA. Much of the show canon happened, except:

- Boyd and Erica never died. They were taken, but both were saved. They partnered off, making Isaac more of a third wheel than anything.
- After Derek kicked him out, he still went to Scott's and was taken in there.
- At first, it was really hard for him to break himself of the need to please authority at all costs, but he finally came around to the idea that Scott didn't want to dominate him. Still, he'd protect Scott with his life.
- First really felt feelings for Scott at the vet's office when he learned to take pain from the puppy.
- Most of Season 3 didn't happen. There were still remnants of the very early stuff (nightmares, haunting, and difficulty changing) but the Nogitsune stuff never happened.
- Right after graduation, Beacon Hills High mysteriously exploded. No one was hurt!
- Scott and Isaac went off to UCLA together while the rest of the group parted ways and went elsewhere. This was a super big deal for Isaac, who never imagined himself making it that far. Scott and Melissa helped encourage him to look into it, though, and he took advantage of the multitudes of scholarships out there for orphans.
- Scott and Isaac share a dorm. Isaac tried a few different majors his freshman year before deciding on Architecture. It appealed to his artistic side and his more hands-on side, and he actually really enjoys it.
- Isaac is also pretty much in love with Scott, but they're locked in that very adorably intense flirtation stage. Pretty much everyone has guessed, especially Melissa.
- The anchoring still happened and Isaac and Allison are still each others in that sense, but this is because they are bffs in this world! All of those other little contact points that were used to build UST still happened, but because of bffness. He's also really close to Lydia by association.
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